Teeth whitening options from the toothpaste aisle can be slow-moving or ineffective. With in-office, supervised whitening from Modern Mint Dental you can have a sparkling smile with better and faster results.

Over time, our teeth can harbor stains that discolor our teeth. Most commonly, stains on our teeth are due to the things we eat or the lifestyle we live. Eating and drinking highly pigmented foods or drinks (like red wine and coffee) or certain lifestyle choices such as smoking can lead to stains on the surface. Other circumstances such as dental disease, poor oral hygiene, certain medications, or even trauma can also cause staining.

For many of us, keeping our smiles looking fresh is an important part of feeling comfortable in social situations. Teeth whitening has increased in popularity over time and there are many options available in the toothpaste aisle. In-office whitening supervised by your dentist can lead to better and faster results and may be a great option for you!

A dentist can apply special products in a series of office visits to whiten your teeth, or they may be able to make a set of custom trays that will allow you to whiten your teeth from the comfort of your own home. Asking your dentist at your next visit about whitening is the first step to achieving a sparkling smile!

In the meantime, it is important to remember that there are many “home remedies” that can be dangerous and permanently damaging such as trying to use products with charcoal in them. These are highly abrasive products and can damage your enamel.

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