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So here at Modern Dental Care we’ve really spent a lot of time and education and resources in investing into the latest and greatest technology in the dental world

what does that look like? here we have an entire Suite of 3D printers
we have a very specialized Dental Mill that can make your crown or your Bridge or your denture for you
we have the latest digital impression techniques and digital scanners and all these tools really help us to not only elevate your patient experience but also elevate the clinical care

most people may think that technology is just a fancy word for gadgets and they are cool things they’re they’re neat gadgets but what it really does is it improves the accuracy of care that we can provide so for example by having a dental Mill in our office that’s very specialized we can Mill crowns to within a hundredth of a millimeter to perfectly fit inside of your mouth and and give that really important clinical result that we’re looking for

and that’s not always been the standard of care and so even though it’s a really neat toy it also is providing a better patient outcome in the end some of our other technology really helps to just put you at ease

so by having a digital impression we can avoid those gooey sticky trays that you’ve probably experienced at the dentist before we don’t have to experience that here we can just do a one step very seamless process and import those images into software and create very accurate appliances for your mouth or a crown or again those bridges or dentures that you may need here at modern Mint dental care

we have worked really hard to improve patient experience everything that we’ve designed into this Clinic from the moment that you walk into the door to the moment you sit down in the dental chair and the moment you leave again has been designed with a lot of purpose and intention

so we have a lot of great natural light in here we love our natural plants that we have you can sit down in the waiting room and enjoy an espresso or bubbly water while you wait for your appointment and these are all very intentional things because we want you to be comfortable and know that you’re at a high quality place of care when you go back for your appointment

you’ll sit in our chair and you’ll actually notice nothing in the room and that is very intentional we’ve worked hard to design all of the dental junk out of the operatory we don’t want you tripping on cords or seeing a bunch of stuff hanging on the walls it’s
it’s a very clean look that we feel helps us to improve our standard of care and improve your experience you can even catch up on your favorite Netflix show while you’re in the chair and we’ll give you some headphones and you can have a moment to yourself during your cleaning when you leave our practice

we also work really hard to invest in the latest Insurance software programs and trainings to improve that experience too because that can really be a headache in in dental care as the insurance side so we want you to be confident that we understand the insurance side so that you don’t have to and we really pride ourselves on that and so this office is modern in both technology and design and processes and that’s all intentional for you as the patient

so if you’re new to the area or looking for a dentist in the Lafayette Erie Community we’d love to take care of you we’re located in The Nine Mile shopping center at the corner of 287 and Arapahoe Road or visit us at our website at we’d love to hear from you [Music]