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I love when people ask like why do you want to be a dentist

Phil that doesn’t make any sense. I love being a dentist

a little bit about my story is my grandpa
he’s a retired dentist and when I was a little kid you know he was hilarious and so that made me want to be hilarious that made me want to be a dentist but as I looked more into Dentistry I just found out that it’s so much more about you know helping people smile being able to eat all types of food because your mouth is healthy

it’s just a really cool job that I get to do and see people on the other side you know shake our hands and get really excited about coming to see us when me and my wife Lauren were looking at where to start our own dental practice you know we looked at a lot of different areas but we also looked at you know why are we doing our own dental practice and you know we’re talking about what should we name it I mean we really looked into a lot of those kind of core value things and so we named it modern mint because you know my wife being an engineer Year and I love technology you know we wanted to be a very modern practice but I think the bigger word is mint

we really wanted to be a fresh look on Dentistry nobody wants to go to the dentist and I think that’s a real problem people should look forward to taking care of their mouths and therefore taking care of their bodies and so we really wanted to design our practice and treat our patients so much differently than the typical experience that you have at a dental office and so when we landed on the name and the location we’re very specific in you know wanting to treat a community of people who would appreciate kind of a fresh look on Dentistry a lot of my patients if they had one word to say about me is like that I’m really easy to talk to that I’m down to earth and that’s a big thing trusting your provider

I love seeing people come in and they’re apprehensive about going to the dentist and they leave and they’re like I am so glad I came that that’s my favorite part about being a dentist it is so cool to see somebody just flip 180 walking out of the door when they come here in this day and age like people are busy families are busy and then you narrow it down to going to the dentist but there’s four different Specialists you have to go see you know Johnny Little Johnny’s gotta go see this Dennis and then mom’s got to go see this dentist and you know something that’s really great is we treat everybody here and because of all of my experience and the Continued Education and Training that I’ve gone to we’re really able to keep a lot of specialty procedures in-house so implants dentures whitening crowns I mean there’s just a lot of different things that we can offer here which is really fun because it’s kind of like that show Cheers you know sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name and it’s super fun to see entire families walk in and walk out of the store it should be really easy coming to see us

I think most dentists just make it way too difficult there’s just a lot of miscommunication that occurs in most dental offices what you can expect walking through the door is you’ll see my wife Lauren she’ll talk to you talk you through insurance it’s stuff that she does every day a stuff you don’t do every day and so having somebody know how to walk you through those steps is really important as soon as we have that figured out you’ll see my assistant Cassie and then you’ll see me and we’ll talk about what your issues are I think a lot of the time a dentist tells you what your issues are instead of tells you know he listens to you and what’s your experience with your mouth you know where’s your pain or where’s your sensitivity or I don’t smile because of this stain on my tooth you know we will talk to you as long as you want about what your issues are and then we can help you take care of that and then as soon as you’re done with treatment you walk out the door and we set you up for your your maintenance plan so I’m keeping you on that six month maintenance plan is way more fun than a root canal and so like keeping your smile bright white and happy is amazing

so if you’re new to the area or looking for a dentist in the Lafayette area Community we’d love to take care of you we’re located in The Nine Mile shopping center at the corner of 287 and Arapahoe Road or visit us at our website at we’d love to hear from you


Phil and Lauren Henzlik are a husband/wife duo with expertise in dentistry and engineering respectively. We have spent years testing the latest and best in digital dentistry in our home and are ready to bring our methods and modern practices to patient care.

Dr. Phil Henzlik, DMD spent 3 years in the US Army as a dentist and is proud to have served his country. He has been practicing dentistry for 11 years and is also a fellow of Implantology.

Lauren Henzlik has a PhD in mechanical engineering with emphasis in biomechanics and prosthetics. She is experienced in working with the latest and most modern design and fabrication methods for human applications.

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