Visiting the dentist may seem scary for a child. With attentive dental care from Modern Mint Dental your little one will have a positive experience and be excited about going to the dentist.

Can I bring my child to your practice? Absolutely! But with every answer, there are always exceptions.

Our team is trained and prepared to offer a wide variety of pediatric dentistry services for children – and we love helping kids and providing a fun experience. We often suggest that children visit their dentist around the age of 4-5 years for an evaluation. However, we also provide special “happy visits” to children as young as 3 years old. We want to encourage a positive experience and a “happy visit” is a time when a child can come into the office, sit in a chair, look around, and get used to seeing a dentist. During these appointments, we generally “count their teeth”, which is really a simple evaluation of the level of cavity risk, an assessment of their oral hygiene and home care, and an initial evaluation of the orientation of their erupting teeth. Our main priority, however, is to provide a safe and positive experience for a child’s first time at the dentist’s office.   

However, as any parent can attest however, every kid is different. Not every child, sits in the dental chair, puts on our cool headphones and is jazzed about being there. As lovely and kind as our team is – it can be tough for kids to feel comfortable receiving treatment like cleanings and fillings if they aren’t used to a specific environment. For some children, visiting a pediatric dentist can be the best option. While our clinic is a happy environment filled with smiles and laughs, pediatric specialists oftentimes have offices that are specifically designed for children – sometimes brightly colored walls and a kid-sized chair is the best experience for a child. Modern Mint Dental Care would love to do everything and anything for patients walking through the door, but it’s more important to us that your child has a positive first experience with a dentist that will encourage them to continue going for the rest of their lives!  We have strong relationships throughout the community with pediatric dentists who can help your child feel at ease.

Seeing a dentist early in your child’s life is so important. We want to encourage a positive outlook on dentistry for children so that oral hygiene becomes a positive thing in their lives. We also want to make sure that your child’s teeth are in good condition. Making sure that kids are on the right track, eating well, and taking care of their teeth, is something that can positively affect their strength and development.  Approximately 90% of adult dentition is determined before the age of 18 – if we can help and support your kids’ teeth to be strong and resistant to cavities, it can affect the rest of their lives. Feel free to schedule your entire family’s appointments at Modern Mint Dental Care. Call us at 720-853-0350 or reach us by email at  [email protected]. You can also instantly schedule an appointment here.

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