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Yeah so this is our dental clinic
I’ll kind of give you a quick little tour

we’re at reception right now
here is my wife Lauren Lauren
say hi to the camera

she’ll kind of get all of your insurance information update your medical history
we’ll have you wait in a really comfortable waiting room and here’s our really cool beverage refrigerator where we have like bubbly Waters and espressos
and everything like that

we have six different Dental rooms which is really cool so we’re able to see all types of people

see a lot of patients off to the left here though is our dental lab that’s where like our Mill is and that’s where you can make like same-day crowns and bridges and dentures and night guards and all that kind of stuff which is really awesome

I’ll lead you into one of our operatories
as you notice we’ve really cleaned it up from most dental operatories there’s not a lot in here right
there’s not a lot of tubes there’s not like an arm hanging over you

we’ve really thought a lot about how to make you most comfortable
up on the ceiling you’ll see a TV and that’s kind of where you can watch Netflix have headphones whatever you need
we want to just make you comfortable I’m really excited about our

this is our 3D x-ray this is our cbct
this is where we can kind of evaluate your mouth for you know cancer and look at your sinuses look you know for infections and all that kind of stuff and just kind of make sure that you’re healthy and happy before you leave

finally I’m going to kind of show you our last operatory in the back here
this is our private op so you know we have doors to it for your privacy just to make sure you’re comfortable

whatever you need if you’re looking for a new dentist or you’re new to the Lafayette area we’d love to hear from you and take care of you look us up online at

thank you

Or Call 720.853.0350